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My name is Richard Thomas and I have been collecting  swords for the last couple of years and attempting to build my knowledge through diligent study in my spare time, when ever that was??? ..... As a result I have also ended up collecting tsuba, kozuka, armour and woodblock prints, much to the dismay of my bank balance!

I'm a member of the NBTHK and also JSSUS. I'm making many new friends in nihonto circles and hope to be collecting and studying for many years to come.

I'm currently working on an excel based reference guide for beginners, detailing all the attributes of the blade, with pics to support and then referenced to schools (koto and shinto). With any luck you will then be able to filter particular traits of the sword and come up with the schools that typically produced those traites/characteristics in the forging. I guess we will see how it goes.....
Dodgy band photo 1
Dodgy band photo 2
My first little project was getting a sword length calculator built.... It's now nice and easy converting from traditional Japanese measures to inches/cm and visa versa! - refer Research tab.

Life isn't all about swords and stuff, I also play music professionally to keep me sane for my day gig (information mapping and business analyst work), hence the dodgy band promo photos, they are the only photo's I have. There are a couple of links to youtube below for the band if you're interested.

I read as much as possible and have practiced, competed in, or instructed martial arts for most of my life - KungFu, Boxing, Tae kwon do, Kumdo etc etc...... though that was then this is now.... : (

cheers Rich.
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