Title: Genji gojuyojo hattan - Prince Genji resting against a lacquered framed screen, from the series 54 chapters of the tale of Genji.
Artist: Kunisada Utagawa (Toyokuni III) (1786 - 1864)
Publisher: Uoya Eikichi. Carver: Yokogawa Takejiro
Date: c 1858
Size: 48,5cm x 34,5cm. Format: Oban diptych
Reference: S.Izzard: 'For the first edition (as here), the publisher ordered the finest-quality pigments and expensive techniques and materials such as blind printing, gold dust and decorative papers'. Kunisada's World, page 170. The patterns in the green on Genji's kimono is called "gauffrage" and is most easily described simply as "embossing." It also goes by the names of "blind printing", "goffer", or in Japanese, "karazuri."
Impression: fine
Colors: fine, pristine colour with the fugitive purple intact.
Condition: Some trimming top and left, pin hole wormage otherwise exceptionally fine.