Subject: From the series Honcho kendo ryaku den - Abridged stories of our country's swordsmanship # 21. Takagi Oriyemon seated on a large rock with rope attached, having written on a wall, a record of his destruction of a robber gang. His sword is sticking in the ground.  See Robinson, Kuniyoshi, The Warrior Prints: S37.21 (pictured BW)
Artist: Kuniyoshi (signature - Chooro Kuniyoshi ga)
Format: Oban tate-e: 24.8cm x 36.4cm approx
Publisher: Kadzusa - ya Iwazo
Date: 1845-46
Condition: Full size. Very good, thin album backing minimally dirty.
Colour: Very good.  White lead pigment mixed with blue in the jacket has oxidised creating an interesting texture.
Impression: Fine