Author: Kokubo Kenichi
Pages: 180
Date published: 1973
Best reference for the mino fittings collector with color and black and white exmples of a wide assortment of Ko-Mino an Mino school work. This text is essential for studying and understanding one of the earliest kodogu schools and its influence. Hard cover comes with slip case. Japanese text.
Authors: Ian Bottomley and A P Hopson
Covering a detailed history of the samurai and their weaponry, with 100's of supporting pictures. This book predominantly looks at the armour of the samurai and branches out to cover swords, archery, fittings and matchlocks to a lesser degree. I found this book particularly hard to get my hands on though I notice there are more on Amazon now, not sure if reprinted.
192 pages, hard cover.
Author: Clive Sinclair
A fantastic introductory text for the history of Japan, the samurai, and their weapons and armour. Covering the history of the sword, its forging, care and restoration, and handling etiquette, pole arms, sword fittings, armour and guns. Supported by over 250 illustrations.
144 pages, sof cover.
Author: Stephen Turnbull
S Turnbull is the author of more than 50 books on the military history of Europe and the Far East, and is a consultant on all aspects of Japanese culture. Here he combines primary sources and stunning images to reveal who and what the samurai actually were. 208 pages, hard cover.
  Well, where would we be without the Book of 5 rings  : )
  Japanese Armour II 100 Pieces selected from the collection of the Stibbert Museum in Florence
Author: Dr Robert Burawoy
Fully illustrated in color, bibliography, glossary, text in English and French presenting 100 of the most interesting items in the Stibbert Museum collection, considered one of the most important collections in Europe. Rich in spectacular helmets as well as many examples of the main schools (Myôchin, Haruta, Iwai, Saika, Saotome), thus introducing new documentary references. Hardcover 144 pp. Dim. 210 x 297mm
Author: Sano Art Museum
Date published: 2002
Soft cover book of over 57 of Masamune's works and that of his line as well. Full detailed pictures with excellent close-up detail of activity and mei. The exceptional high-quality oshigata and photographs make this an important reference on the Soshu School.  Incudes 6 pages in English detailing the blades shown.
169 pages, 8¼ x 11½" soft cover.
Author: Sano Museum, 2007
This catalog presents fifty-two examples (seven national treasure swords including the Uesugi-tachi and Okadagiri). English-language index includes transcription of mei in romanji and measurements. Full-color photographs detailing the unique workmanship that made Bizen Ichimonji-to famous. Identical in format with Sano's last special exhibition catalog, it comes slip-cased, and dated on its spine as continuation of the master tosho series.
163 pages, 8½ x 11½  hardcover with slipcase 
Author: Kanzan Sato
A well illustrated introduction to the appreciation and history of the Japanese Sword.   As an overview of 1,500 years of sword history, it includes: history, various aspects of sword lore, forging techniques and problems of appraisal. The book's centerpiece is a detailed examination of over a dozen important blades. 29 color illustrations.
210 pages, 7½ x 103/8" hardcover
Author: John Yumoto
An essential entry level text that still continues to serve as a valuable point of reference for all.  Here is offered a broad survey that includes: history, an abridged listing of relevant kanji, an overview of smiths, and a glossary of terms; with examples well illustrated and accompanied by b&w photos.
191 pgs., 6 x 8½" hardcover
Author: W. M. Hawley (1896 - 1987)
Published: originally 1966, Third Edition 1998.
Commemorative Centenary Edition
Listing names (with Kanji), location, point value and dates of thousands of swordsmiths. It index references Fujishiro's Nihon Token Jiten. Includes poster size map of location of Japanese sword schools and a reference chart.
1032 pages, 2 parts, soft cover, boxed set.
Hanayaka na Nihon-to - Bizen Ichimonji

Drool meter 8/10

Drool meter 8/10

Drool meter 4/10

Drool meter 1/10 - primarily for reference

Drool meter 1/10 - reference only
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Masamune a genius smith and his lineage
The Samurai Sword

The Samurai Sword

Japanese Smiths of the bizen tradition

Japanese Smiths of the bizen tradition

Authors: Darcy Brockbank and Bob Benson.

Fantastic book detailing the Swords in North American collections (vol 1). Superb pictures that Darcy is renowned for and LOTS of detail on each of the blades.

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Drool meter 9/10

Kinki Mino Bori

Kinki Mino Bori

Drool meter 6.5/10

Arms and Armor of the Samurai
Drool meter 8/10

Drool meter 7.5/10

Drool meter 7.5/10

The Samurai swordsman
Book of 5 Rings

Book of 5 Rings

Armures du Japon II 100 pièces sélectionnées dans la collection du Musée Stibbert de Florence
Drool meter 7.5/10

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