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1.6 Yoshida Sadaemon Kanesada (kabuki name)
True name: Yoshida Sawauemon Kanesada, fending off arrows in flight.
Age: 29
Katana attribution: Mizuta length 2 shaku 9 sun
Wakizashi attribution: Mizuta length 1 shaku 8 sun
Sadaemon was the son of Yoshida Chuemon Kanesuke. After he left Banshu, he went to Kyoto, where his brother Dennai was in service to another family. Then after a time, he went to the Kanto and took up residence in Kojimachi. There he saw much of his father, whom he treated dutifully and who taught him much.

After he joined the vendetta, he spent his time day after day in various disguises, roaming the streets of Honjo and inspecting the enemy mansion. He saw much of a comrade named Oyamada Shoemon.

As the time for them to carry out teir attack grew near, Oboshi called him and Shoemon in and said: "Pretty soon there are going to be a lot of people around here who lent us money while we where unemployed. Now after we are gone we don't want people to say that we acted improperly out of proverty. That would be a stain on our records as samurai. So let's take care of those things right now." With that he gave each of them 200 ryo, and they hurried off.

Shoemon, however, suddenly disappeared; he had changed his mind. Sadaemon stayed and was part of the victory. Shoemon was later killed by Shimobe Naotsuke during a robbery at Fuyuki mansion, leaving a bad name. His father Jubei, not quite 80 years old, committed suicide in shame.
Ronin 1.6 Kanesada