Subject: The Sixty-nine Post Stations of the Kisokaidô Road #49 - Kisokaidô rokujűku tsugi. Okute. A young woman grappling with the Hag of the Lonely House at Adachi-ga-hara who brandishes a kitchen knife. Shadowy figure of the thousand armed goddess Kannon materialising in the background to protect the girl. In a cartouche behind: a wide road at sunset leading towards a mountain. See: Robinson: S74.49.
Artist: Kuniyoshi
Format: Oban tate-e: 14.25" x 9.75" approx
Publisher: Yawata - ya Sakujiro. Censor: Mera - Watanabe, Rat 7
Block cutter: Otaya Takichi (Hori Takichi)
Date: 1852 (Kaei 5), 7th month.
Condition: Very slightly trimmed. Retains Japanese album backing paper. Minor marks and flaws. Generally fine state of preservation.
Colour: Fine - pristine
Impression: Fine of 1st edition with gauffrage and mica application in background.
69 post stations #49