1.4 Fuwa Katsuemon Masatane
True name: Fuwa Kazuemon Masatane
Age: 34
Katana mei: Norimitsu
Wakizashi mei: Norimitsu
Masatane was over six feet tall, with a hot, quick temper - strong and a lover of the martial arts. He knew all the secrets of the Karuma Shindo school of swordsmanship. He was also skilled at suemono giri - now known as tameshi giri - meaning the art of cutting a body in two.

There was a paper merchant in town whose wife died suddenly of a venereal disease. She had been a promiscuous woman, whose adulteries and liaisons were an open scandal. Masatane had a new blade that he wanted to test and, aware that she was big boned and corpulent, decided to test it on her. So he went to the cemetery, dug up the corpse, and cut to his hearts content.

The merchant was shocked and complained to the authorities, and the lord, saying that what Masatane had done was unworthy of a samurai, regretfully discharged him. He wandered about under the stigma of having displeased his lord.

When he heard about the catastrophe involving the Akao, he rushed back to the castle with his weapons, ready to join in the uprising. Oboshi however, said he had no use for someone with the disfavour of his lord upon him.  So Masatane swore that he would apologise at the grave of his lord and swear alegiance to him to the death. Oboshi then told him of the plot. When they got to the Kanto his heroism was unmatched.
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