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1.47 Hayano Kampei Tsuneyo (kabuki name)
True name: unknown, as a ghost like figure
When Akao was dissolved, Hayano Kampei and his brother lived in various places, but then, when the time came for the band to move on the Kanto area, they went to their home village, Kayano, in Seishu, to take leave of their parents. They arrived to find a funeral in progress - their mother’s. Absolutely shocked, they took their places in the procession.

Then Tsuneyo sent his younger brother, Wasuke Tsunenari, to Yamashina with a message for Obshi, informing him that their mother had died unexpectedly and that he would have to remain in their home village for thirty seven days, until the observance of a mass for the dead.

He took care of his father, as a good son should, and as the time to depart drew near, told his father about the group of men he had sworn himself to become a part of, that they were on their way to the Kanto region, and that he would have to leave soon.

His father told him that he was old and had lost his wife and that he was at his wits end, and that Kampei’s having become a ronin was bad enough, but now he had sent his brother, Wasuke off to the Kanto area. And even though he had made commitments to a body of men, was he not abandoning his father? He then asked his son not to go.

Hayano agreed with his father completely. He knew that if he disobeyed his father, even covertly, he would stray from the path of filial piety. And yet if he turned his back on his sworn comrades, he would be deficient in loyalty and would fail to render love and fealty to his lord in accordance with the warrior code. He then wrote to Oboshi that in this conflict between the two paths - loyalty and filial piety - he had no choice but to sacrifice his life.

So, on the 14th day of January, in the year of the horse, he cut his stomach and died. Unable to do anything about it, his determined comrades mourned, overcome with sadness. In the attack however, Oboshi had Wasuke carry on his spear a pennant carrying the inscription ‘Hayano Kampei, killed in battle.’ If Wasuke killed so much as one of the enemy with it, Tsuneyo’s spirit would become a part of the battle.