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Censors seals
During the period 1842 - 1853 individual sensors called Nanushi marked prints with their individual seals. During the period 1842 - 1846 these were found singly. From 1847 - 1853, the Nanushi marked prints in pairs. As censors worked together during different periods the combinations of censors can be dated. This series was produced during the months August 1847 - January 1848, as such the following censors' seals will be found in combination:

* Mera - Murata
* Yoshimura - Muramatsu
* Hama - Kinugasa

Below are close ups (two versions of each) of the ceals:
Mera   -   Murata 1

Mera - Murata 1

Mera   -   Murata 2

Mera - Murata 2

Hama   -   Kinugasa 1

Hama - Kinugasa 1

Hama   -   Kinugasa 2

Hama - Kinugasa 2


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47 Ronin - The prints and censors' seals
The following is the anatomy of the 47 Ronin prints:

Text - In about 1843 -44, Kuniyoshi established a set form for his historical biographies which served him well for the next 10 years or so. A full length figure in action on a plain background, with the upper part of the print occupied by a biographical or descriptive text.

Series title - On each print the series title Seichu gishi den appears in an oblong red caratouche (print no 1.38 has no okori 'origin of' added to the title).

Print title - Appears below or beside the caratouche with the name of the figure illustrated.

Text author - The name of the text author 'by brush of Ippitsu - an' appears to the left of the text in most prints.

Artist's signature - Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga (ga means artist) appears  on the mid to lower half of each print on either the right or left.

Artist's seal - Kuniyoshi used a  Kiri seal, a variation of the leaf of the Paulowina imperialis (kiri) tree appearing on the Japanese imperial crest, as his personal badge and that of his school for a while. These changed throughout his career.

Censors' seals - During the period of this series two censors seals were required to approve the image.

Publisher's seal - The trade mark and name of the publisher Ebiya Rinnosuke appears in a small rectangular cartouche. Some prints only display the trade mark.