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1.44 Mase Chudayu Masa-aki (kabuki name)
True name: Mase Kyudaiu Masa-aki, aiming with deadly precision
Age: 63
Katana mei: Michitaka, length 2 shaku 1 sun
Wakizashi mei: Yoshitsuna, length 2 shaku
Bow and arrow
Masa-aki changed his name to Mitsuhashi Jutei, rented a house in  Koshimachi and set up practice as a physician. His son, Magokuro, changed his name to Koichiro. Three or four confederates, who pretended that they were busy petitioning the ruling powers to allow them to collect money to construct a shrine to a local deity, lived with them.

On December 14th, the day of the attack, Chudayu was in his sixty-second year. He was nevertheless a strong man, not at all inferior to those younger. He entered the gate with the second wave, shouting with each arrow from his bow. He came upon Mori Banzaemon as men fought to the death all around him. Hara Mimura saw this and, aware that Mori was a crack swordsman, tried to divert him in order to spare the old man. Mase however, dauntlessly pressed forward without let up, shouting, sparks flying from his sword hilt, and with one leap, sent his unerring blade forward and sliced Mori through the headband and between the eyes. His sword, a Kunitoshi, cut this practiced swordsman right in 2. The mortally wounded Mori died without a sound, his wounds smoking.

Off to a good start, Mase pressed forward again, with his bloody sword. As he did so, Komori Genji, his sword drawn and ready, blocked the doorway. They exchanged blows, downward slashing, upward thrusting. Komori was an excellent swordsman, but he was overmatched and tried to escape. He could not back away, however, and was unable to ward off a horizontal blow that severed his ribs and killed him.

The truly admirable old manís work received the plaudits of all.