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1.40 Yazama Shinroku Mitsukaze (kabuki name)
True name: Hazama Shinrokuro Mitsukaze, with flag on his back bearing death name.
Age: 24
Katana mei: Kunisuke, length 2 shaku 2 sun
Wakizashi mei: Kunisuke, length unknown
Shinroku was the third son of Yazama Kihei, a courageous and skilled fighter, another determined and absolutely prepared loyal man.

When the band moved to the Kanto area, he took up residence in Kojimachi, in Edo, There he, his father, and his brother Jutaro were able to observe the enemy mansion and to move about along the route between the Uesumi and Kono houses and inspect Moronao’s premises when he was not at home. Impatient about the delay in Oboshi’s arrival, they demanded of Hara Geomon that the raid take place.

Then suddenly they learned that a master builder was in possession of the plans for the Kono mansion. Delighted, Shinroku set about securing them.

A member of the group named Nakada Riheita, who was living with the Yazamas, heard about this and quietly arranged for the carpenter to sell the plans to Shinroku for 10 ryo. Fearing that Riheita might defect and leak word of the action to Moronao’s spies, Shinroku set up a meeting with him at a bathhouse in Kanda, where they argued and Shinroku killed him.

In flight from a warrant for murder, Shinroku hid in an empty house Oboshi had rented earlier from a man named Seo Magozaemon. There, in the village of Hirama, in Kawasaki, he bided his time.

He received word from Senzaki Yagoro about the impending attack, went to Honjo with great joy, and performed brilliantly in the battle.