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1.37 Tokuda Magodayu Shigemori (kabuki name)
True name: Okuda Magodaiu Shigemori, beside a tall printed screen.
Age: 57
Katana mei: Kunitaka, length 2 shaku 4 sun
Wakizashi mei: unknown, length 1 shaku 6 sun
Shigemori was an excellent swordsman of the Shinto school. He and his son Tadaemon joined the band sworn to take vengeance on Moronao for the death of their lord. Thus it was that they entered the enemy mansion behind Oboshi.

Shigemori was fifty years old but in no way inferior to the younger men. His hands were supple and free of pain. He mistook Moronao’s son Uhyoe Moroyasu for his father and almost killed him, but held off when he heard the signal whistle. Then he rushed to where Yazama Takebayashi and the rest were finishing off Moronao.

The faithful warriors were overjoyed and raised a shout of triumph. Yabei and Magodayu quietly withdrew from the mansion as the last to depart.