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1.33 Sugenoya Sannojo Masatoshi (kabuki name)
True name: Suganoya Hannojyo Masatoshi, entangled in the streamers of a kusudama (scented ball used to de-odorise garments and space).
Age: 44
Katana mei: Michinaga, length 2 shaku 8 sun
Wakizashi mei: mumei, length unknown
Sugenoya Masatoshi was the adopted son and heir of Hanbei Masatatsu. A handsome young man, he served as page to Takasada.

His foster mother died young, and Hanbei married again, a girl as young as Masatoshi. She was not a virtuous person and lusted after Sannojo which upset him greatly. He loved and respected his foster parents, and he found an improper relationship with his foster mother to be more than he could abide.

As day after day went by with Sannojo’s actions toward his foster mother being of absolutely correct deportment, Hanbei nevertheless began to suspect that Sannojo and his wife were having an affair. He then let his resentment be known.

The lord Takasada got wind of the matter and, considering it a troublesome problem, quietly appropriated some funds on Masatoshi’s behalf for a trip to the surrounding regions to visit shrines and temples.
Then he ordered that the young man, upon completing the journey, should return to their home area, in Naniwa, to inspect the houses and store houses.

After the confiscation, Sannojo hurried back from Naniwa to Akao and, mindful of his love for his lord, joined the conspiracy. His resolve was stronger that iron; for him waiting an hour and waiting a thousand autumns were the same thing. When the night of the attack came, he couldn’t sleep for joy and, driven by valour, considered his life to be of no weight at all.

Thus he loved his lord with an incomparable love. One’s lord is one’s lord, and one’s subject is one’s subject. And that’s the way it should be.
Sugenoya Sannojo Masatoshi