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1.32 Oboshi Seizaemon Nobukiyo (kabuki name)
True name: Oishi Sezaemon Nobukiyo, rushing on towards his next adversary
Age: 29
Katana mei: mumei length 2 shaku 9 sun
Wakizashi mei: mumei length 1 shaku 9 sun
Long Yari
Oboshi Nobukiyo was a cousin of Yuranosuke. He was employed by a collateral branch of the family as an armourer, at a salary of 200 koku of rice. Oboshi Magosaburo and Oboshi Kondo Genshiro were also related and joined the conspiracy, but for some reason they remained in Kyoto on the fateful day and did not take part in the attack.

Nobukiyo was deeply schooled in the martial arts and also an aggressive hot - blood who went to the kanto early and waited impatiently for Yuranosuke to join him there. He, along with Hara and Yoshida, repeatedly petitioned for the attack to begin. Then, when the date was finally set, he rushed to the Oribe house in Honjo four or five days early, and fussed over the carefully prepared bows and arrows, spears and glaives.
He failed to sleep on the night of the 14th and charged into the rear gate with the fourth wave. Ready to cross swords with hordes of the enemy, he rushed ahead full tilt and, finding no one to attack at first, was finally accosted by Sudo Senemon, an aide of Kono Uhyoe Moroyasu.

Nobukiyo rushed at his adversary with a scream, and their weapons crashed together. Sudo too was a skilled fighter, and he fought with a flourish. His was an astonishing display of agility and blade legermain, but the dazzling display of Nobukiyo's swordsmanship blinded and confused him, and the point finally slashed him from his shoulder to his ribs. The blood cascaded down, and he died without a groan.

Nobukiyo never looked back as he made his way further into the interior.
1.32 Nobukiyo