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1.2a Oboshi Rikiya Yoshikane (kabuki name)
True name: Oishi Shikara Yoshikane, a rare alternate design of Rikiya standing with his yari and hand on sword.
Age: 16
Katana mei: Tomokuni length 2 shaku 2 sun plus
Wakizashi mei: Hiroshige length 1 shaku 1 sun
Short Yari
Although Oboshi Yoshio's (1.1) son Rikiya was a youth of only sixteen years, he was taller and stronger than most and expert in martial arts. When the house of Akao fell and the determined confederates gathered at Kagakuji to take the vendetta oath, his fatehr left him off the roll.

Hara Goemon turned to Oboshi and said; 'Your son truly is courageous and could even be given command responsibilities. How can you leave him out?' Oboshi answered; 'He is very young, and so conscious of his mother's love that at some time he may have serious doubts. So I left him off to spare him possible embarrassment.'

When Rikiya heard this, he turned quite red, went to the sanctuary, stripped off his upper garments, and gave every indication of preparing to commit seppuku. His comrades, however, rushed to stop him. Yoshio was pleased to see Rikiya's determination, as were the other members of the band, and he then administered the blood oath. The father was so deeply pleased that he shed tears without realising he was doing so.

So afterward, Rikiya made his way to Azuma and quietly took up residence in the village of Hirama, in Bushu. On the night of the attack on the enemy mansion , he performed with distinction and inflicted much pain on the enemy. Showing loyalty and gratefulness to one's lord and reverence to one's parents were to Lao Tzu the highest of arts. Both of these Yoshikane exhibited.

If it comes to that
sacrafice even your life
see the fallen snow

(Izakereba inochi wo sutete yukimi kana)
Oboshi Rikiya Yoshikane