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1.27 Tominomori Suke-emon Masakata (kabuki name)
True name: unknown, sustaining a blow from a charcoal brazier.
Age: ?
Katana mei:
Wakizashi mei:


When Akao fell, Tominomori Masakata, his wife and their babe-in-arms, Chosaburo, left for Osaka, with no way of supporting themselves. Oboshi was living quietly in Yamashina in Kyoto, and Tominomori got in touch with him and covertly went over plans for vengeance.

He was a dutiful son. His mother was absolutely devoted to their lord, and his father, Sukenoshin, served as an intermediary between him and Oboshi. His mother knew nothing about what was going on.

He felt that, if he wore a piece of his mother’s clothing when they went into action, he would go happily to the land of the dead. So he contrived to get something of hers and wore it next to his skin in the assault.

They had had snow the night before, but when the time came for the attack, the fourteenth day moon was shining brightly, and the entrance stood out as clearly as midday. When they broke down the cedar gate, he rushed in shouting: ‘Get out of the way for the men of En’ya Hangan.’ ‘We want the head of Monaro!’ He had come, and now he engaged the enemy.

Into the fray, with neither hesitation nor flinching, he plunged. His opponents didn’t know whom they fought. When they used the password ‘Mountain’ he said ‘River.’ His superb technique sparkled. Then someone to the side of him threw a hibachi at him. Coals and ashes flew all about him. Dust got in his nose and mouth.

The demoralised enemy were running around half naked. But the Akao warriors were wearing protective gear, which made them that much more menacing. They killed all the defenders but 2. Afterwards they decided that the hibachi was thrown by the acolyte Suzuki Shochiku.
1.27 Tominomori Suke-emon Masakata