1.26 Aihara Esuke Munefusa (kabuki name)
True name: unknown, trampling a low writing screen.
Age: unknown
Katana mei: unknown
Wakizashi mei: unknown

Munefusa was a straightforward and gentle man of few words. He was good at figures and worked in the business affairs office. Expert in martial arts, particularly archery, he was strongly loyal.

When the Akao was dissolved, he continued to follow Oboshi's instructions and remained in the Yamashina area. The he advanced to the Kanto region with Oboshi. He took up residence near the enemy mansion and peddled pipe tobacco, often discussing prices with the Kono servants.

Before they carried out the attack, he wrote a farewell letter to his sister, who had married and lived in their home village of Ono, in Banshu:

Worlds that have not seen
or felt the depth to which
these snows have fallen
will find their spirits darken
with the ink laid by this brush.

Then he joined the action and acquitted himself well, slaying many of the enemy. The next day as he and his comrades were being interrogated, one by one, before their temple, he composed the poem;

As spring comes in,
with no one wiser,
the years and months
pass by with the aging hair
that makes human heads turn white.

He had a truly gentle spirit. He was not at all like Oyamada or Ono, who suffered life long embarrassment for failing to place their lives on the line in the face of danger. Comparing him with  them is like comparing gems with gravel. He was truly a model of loyalty.

Aihara Esuke Munefusa
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