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1.22 Kiura Okaemon Sadayuki (kabuki name)
True name: Kimura Okauemon Sadayuki, poised to strike
Age: 46
Katana mei: Norimitsu, length 2 shaku 4 sun
Wakizashi mei: mumei, length 2 shaku 1 sun
Kiura Sadayuki was from a family that had been retainers of Akao for generations. He was a skilled swordsman and tactician and was also tall, strong and of good appearance. In the night attack against the kono, he fought like a tiger, taking on all comers with a force suited to the destruction of mountains, wading in with a shower of sparks, panting and thirsty.

He saw, out of the corner of his eye, a boy who helped with the tea ceremony, cowering in a corner, trembling, ‘Get me some water he shouted!’

The boy was unable to move, even to save his life. He tried to stand, but his legs refused to function. All he could do was point off to one side.

Sadayuki laughed and kicked down a partition enclosing what seemed to be the tea room. In it was a platform supporting a brazier and a kettle of water. He drank from the kettle and then took the boy by the collar and said: ‘Show me your master’s room,’ and pushed him, powerless before him.
At that point however, a large man jumped out and blocked his path. Sadayuki made smoke of that man’s blood and, without more ado, fought his way further into the centre of the house.

He had 2 poems written in his sleeve:

Viewing flowers, drinking sake for a time
amid cold clouds from the eastern sea
and the obligations of the dusty world,
I greet dawns snow, frost and wind.

How unexpected
to find the way I travelled
as a samurai
should lead me along the path
of the eternal law
1.22 Kiura Okaemon Sadayuki