1.20 Tokuda Sadaemon Yukitaka (kabuki name)
True name: (possibly) Yada Goroemon Suketaka, donning a hat and straw rain mantle to ward off the rain.
Age: 29
Katana mei: Kunisuke, 2 shaku
Wakizashi mei: unknown, 1 shaku 6 sun
Tokuda Yukitaka was a fine swimmer. When they were carrying Moronao's head to Sengakuji, a messenger reached them at Ryohoku Bridge (really Ryogoku bridge) and informed them that a party of the Uesumi clan was coming to attack them. So Yukitaka, Kataoka Dengoemon, and Senzaki Yagoro were sent on to Sengakuji in a small boat.
The rest of the band, determined to stand their ground, and treating death as a matter of no concequence, waited for a time outside the Nekoin Temple. Everything was calm at the temple and no attacking force appeared. So they gathered their forces, moved away from the temple in good order, and hurried through Tsukiji on the way to Sengakuji.
Tokuda Sadaemon Yukitaka