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1.10 Isoai Juroemon Masahisa (kabuki name)
True name: Isogai Jyurozemon Masahisa, wielding his naginata.
Age: 25
Katana mei: Mitsumori, length 2 shaku 9 sun
Wakizashi mei: Kunimune, length 2 shaku
te yari (or was it naginata?)
Masahisa was a graduate of the Atago Mountain Kyogakuin, in Kyoto, a great reader and an expert in the Saga school of calligraphy. He enjoyed the martial arts and was particularly adept in the use of the naginata, the glaive.

He played the koto constantly and, in fact, had a plectrum in his pocket during the night attack. Everyone admired his elegance.

He worked closely with his lord and was a useful advisor at all time. When that lord died, he was preparing to martyr himself at Kagakuji when Kataoka Dengoemon informed him of Oboshi’s plot and stopped him.

When the fief was dissolved, he rented a house in the Shiba neighbourhood and thus was on the scene to join with the other loyal samurai in their attack on the kono mansion. He killed many of the enemy with his glaive. He served, everyone said, with great distinction.

It is true that it doesn’t take a crossbow to kill a mouse, and it is also true that when the time comes to show one’s mettle and stare down dragons and tigers, a gentle, respectful man can dig down and summon the effort necessary to strike fear into a host of enemies.

He was such a man.
1.10 Isoai Juroemon Masahisa